Thursday, 6 September 2012

Keep your head, heels and standards high

A QUICK POST. So, I found some time between my exams period to snap some pictures. I wanted so much to take some pictures of this outfit. It is all about black items, except some silver details (rings, bracelet). Although I am tan enough, I cannot help wearing black colour. Plus, I dyed my hair even darker. What is your opinion about this look and these pictures? I would be really delighted and excited to read your opinion. So, feel free to scribble your thoughts about it, and follow me if you wanna. I am gonna follow you back. I wish you all a fabby Friday. It's Friday I am in love.
P.S. Sorry for the bad pictures quality, they were taken late evening. 




  1. amazing skirt!! love the pictures!!

    1. thank you my stylish girl!!! I like so much your stylish touch!! Keep doin'