Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Ok, I know I am neglecting you, but I have to study in order to graduate. I am so happy to announce you that I passed a difficult lesson about movement problems. This weeks is going to be so long, so tiring, I have to study non-stop (or try at least, I was never a person who could study for hours and hours..).. So, this quick post is about stuff I reall like, and would like to share with you. It is not about a specific kind of clothing. Feel free to scribble your opinion about this post, and follow me. I promise I will come back with a new outfit post of mine. AND yes this is a promise :)


Love at first sight. As you may know, black is my favourite color. Especially, this black fringed skirt is my favourite one. I need it so bad!
Cool outfit, nice burgundy kniw, well-paired with these like-vintage shorts. 
 Adorable peplum bustier dress. I think the bustier is so feminine, the peplum is not my favourite one.

Simple yet amazing. Simple style, not so noisy. I reall like this dress, I could wear it with many jewelry, and would be simply perfect.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win" Mahatma Gadhi. 

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  1. Maresoun ola ;) eidika to poulover !! nai enoeite vale oti theleis apo to blog mas apla an boreis vale to onoma mas apo katw kai pragmatika se euxaristw polu gia to support :D