Friday, 11 May 2012

Midriff top

LOVE at the first sight. I am in love with these tops, they are so unique and sexy, absolutely must-wear items. I am searching for tops like these, but cannot find, so frustrating.. I NEED to find and wear them so bad.. Especially I like the way you can wear a top like this..
I like the way Dolce & Gabbana combined this midriff top.. It is needed a belt, and long earrings.. I like and  adore the Italian and Sicelian breeze, so sensual!! Timemachine!! Crossing my fingers in order to discover a midriff top I really like, otherwise I should go to a woman to make one as I want and dream it.. Somehow I am feeling this post is going to continue, or I am going to enrich it with new garments, or new ways how to wear them.. Have a nice weekend!!

Monday, 7 May 2012


RANDOM. Yesterday while we were walking behind the sea, I saw this place, and I had a big crush on it. It reminds me of older centuries, like an ancient settlement. It is about the feelings of abandonment and misery. About this look, Iwas wearing these shorts from Bershka, they are possible my favourite shorts, because they are high-waisted, a little dip-dye, and tottally comfy. It has been at least two months since I want to purchase a new pair of shorts as I dream of them, but infortunately cannot find. Crossing fingers so that I can find them. Finally, this fringed top is my lovely one. It is interesting enough, and I am looking forward to summer come in order to wear it with many and different ways. Although this top makes me wonder how I can wear it at summertime, I definetely believe it would become one of my favourite items I enjoy to wear.


Tuesday, 1 May 2012


1st of May. Every day we feel more and more summer is coming, and this makes us feel so excited. Today sun was shining, and the day was appropriate for photoshooting. So, I decided to wear this floral skirt with a  tee written "You are not on my flirt list". Although the whole ensemble was kinda odd, I found it interesting enough, as the classic combination would be with a white or another colour tee. So, I wanted to change it, and try it with a different touch. I liked it a lot! What is your opinion about this look?
About these pictures, I wanted to take some picutes in that old train, but PA didn't want to. We always have different opinion about the pictures. He likes another style of pictures, I like another. But finally I persuaded him to take some pictures in this train after 5 min begging. Ouff! The result is cool though. PA's favourite picture is the last one, I don't like enough though. Different people, different opinions. What is your opinion about these pictures? Feel free to scriblle your thoughts, and follow me. Have a nice month!!!