Wednesday, 26 September 2012


 Really in love with this shape up skirt. Classy and stunning. Nice balanced with this crisp white blouse. You can visit the blog of these greek bloggers and SEEy more pics of this look. It is really worth of it.
 You may all know my love affair about bustier tops. So, when it is all about a bustier top enriched with spikes, we talk about a "cannot resist of" item.
                      Somehow weird. I adore the leather bustier top. Beautiful white details also.
 Jeans & Leather? A must have combination. Stunning jeans shirt, showing off shoulders.
I could not resist of not posting a total black outfit. Actually, it is not my favourite one, but it is awesome enough. Nice high-waisted skirt with sheer mesh sides. Looks rad paired with a crop top. 

What is your favourite outfit? Please, feel free to scribble your thoughts and opinions. 

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


IF.. I really love this photoshooting, and I really enjoy it. It was the quickest photoshooting we had experienced though. The result is more than satisfying. I have to give exmas in some days, and I am really stressed about this lesson, it is very imprortant. Crossing my finegers in order to pass it. What is your opinion about these pictures? What is your favourite one? I would be really delighted to see your comments about this post. 

Sunday, 9 September 2012


SO. These pictures were taken some time ago, they are about my favourite pictures PA and I snapped. I am pretty sure this list is going to be longer and longer, the option was kinda difficult. Many pictures, different places, different concepts. Memories...
Have a nice week!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Keep your head, heels and standards high

A QUICK POST. So, I found some time between my exams period to snap some pictures. I wanted so much to take some pictures of this outfit. It is all about black items, except some silver details (rings, bracelet). Although I am tan enough, I cannot help wearing black colour. Plus, I dyed my hair even darker. What is your opinion about this look and these pictures? I would be really delighted and excited to read your opinion. So, feel free to scribble your thoughts about it, and follow me if you wanna. I am gonna follow you back. I wish you all a fabby Friday. It's Friday I am in love.
P.S. Sorry for the bad pictures quality, they were taken late evening. 



Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Ok, I know I am neglecting you, but I have to study in order to graduate. I am so happy to announce you that I passed a difficult lesson about movement problems. This weeks is going to be so long, so tiring, I have to study non-stop (or try at least, I was never a person who could study for hours and hours..).. So, this quick post is about stuff I reall like, and would like to share with you. It is not about a specific kind of clothing. Feel free to scribble your opinion about this post, and follow me. I promise I will come back with a new outfit post of mine. AND yes this is a promise :)


Love at first sight. As you may know, black is my favourite color. Especially, this black fringed skirt is my favourite one. I need it so bad!
Cool outfit, nice burgundy kniw, well-paired with these like-vintage shorts. 
 Adorable peplum bustier dress. I think the bustier is so feminine, the peplum is not my favourite one.

Simple yet amazing. Simple style, not so noisy. I reall like this dress, I could wear it with many jewelry, and would be simply perfect.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win" Mahatma Gadhi.