Wednesday, 26 September 2012


 Really in love with this shape up skirt. Classy and stunning. Nice balanced with this crisp white blouse. You can visit the blog of these greek bloggers and SEEy more pics of this look. It is really worth of it.
 You may all know my love affair about bustier tops. So, when it is all about a bustier top enriched with spikes, we talk about a "cannot resist of" item.
                      Somehow weird. I adore the leather bustier top. Beautiful white details also.
 Jeans & Leather? A must have combination. Stunning jeans shirt, showing off shoulders.
I could not resist of not posting a total black outfit. Actually, it is not my favourite one, but it is awesome enough. Nice high-waisted skirt with sheer mesh sides. Looks rad paired with a crop top. 

What is your favourite outfit? Please, feel free to scribble your thoughts and opinions. 

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  1. se euxaristoume vivian :D poly wraio post!