Saturday, 28 April 2012

Show me another aspect of you

Saturday is my favourite day. This Saturday we decided to take our bicycles, and bike some kilometres in order to keep fit. It was difficult enough, but much more interesting I was thinking about it. I adored the whole route, the sea, the trees. I felt summer breeze, I felt so free like a bird, without problems, without thoughts. Ach remarkable moments!! Pa liked it also, as he wants to try it again. After 10 kmtrs, I felt exhausted, but I need to feel again with that way, like you conquer the world, so thrilled and excited about it. About these pictures, I love the first one, it is PA's idea, different, and interesting. The second is about me and PA, after a break we needed to do. AND our bicycles! Have a nice weekend. Don't forget to love yourselves and keep your body fit.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


LOVE. This post is dedicated to tops I like and would love to share with you. Some of them are bustier, others are crop, and lace top. Every top has a different touch, a different style, and it is able to change the whole image of a person either empowering it or ruining it. I adore bustier, as I believe they are kinda sexy and easy to wear. I wish I could buy many bustier tops, especially one like the first picture. This one is unique, and awesome, bustier and midriff top, interesting enough. The post shows some pictures on how to wear a bustier top, with different ways. You can have a look at them. Also, my love affair about lace items is already known, so I should show a picture with a lace crop top, I love it as well. Need to mention that the models and the stuff, except the first bustier, are Nasty Gal, a new brand which has very beautiful vintage items, they are simply perfect. I love them all, but most of them are not so affordable to buy them. What a pitty!

Monday, 16 April 2012


In a mood of coming summer now! Springtime is not so ebvious, but my mood could not resist of wearing an absolutely springish shirt. It is vintage, and the first time I wore this white lace shirt. It is like a crochet crop top. I am feeling I kinda am in love with this, and wanna try it with different touch and style. Looking forward to discovering other ways in order to show you. Could you suggest me another ways to wear it? I would be so grateful if you scribble your thoughts about this adorable shirt. What does it remind you of? I need to mention that these pictures were taken by my father which makes me really proud of it, and grateful as well. Much love, much spring mood.

Saturday, 14 April 2012


Summer is coming, summer breeze is on fire.. We cannot imagine and talk about summertime without awesome bikinis. So, this post is totally dedicated to bikinis that make every woman wonder which one is better on her..The final decision is difficult, the options many though! Although I am a big fan of swimsuit, these bikinis make me love them all! They are girly, chic, and you feel like a flowering blossom. Mostly I like the floral bikinis. Maybe I like more and more the floral items, that why the floral bikinis also, hihi..Feel free to scribbe your thoughts and your opinion about bikinis, and follow me!!!
Much love, Vivian

Monday, 9 April 2012


This is a post I would like to post when April came, but I had no time to do it. So, I decided I should post it now.. It is about quotes I like and somehow express me. I find interesting enough to talk through some quotes. Some of them are old, longitudinal though! I like very much quotes, and, therefore, i said myself it is worth for posting every month some new quotes I found and likes! Promise..

Friday, 6 April 2012

Flower Power

Summer breeze, or flower power? Whatever, I feel so addicted to these pastel colours. They make me remember my childhood, with sweet skirts, lolipops, and of course pink colour! Innocent childhood, innocent moments! Maybe some times we need to be childish, and the other time we need to be responsible in what we have to do. What a change, but it is ok! About this look, this skirt is going to be one of my favourite items at summertime, I already adore it, I adore even more the happy and sexy breeze it contains.. Also, the photoshooting was absolutely random, successful and differently awesome though.. I always like different things, and especially when you can try and taste new things. Every day I feel even more addicted to photography, I believe it is a great hobby we should all try,, What is your opnion about this look or about this photography my sweet PA taken? Please, feel free to scribble your thoughts and follow me.. Have a nice and creative weekend