Friday, 6 April 2012

Flower Power

Summer breeze, or flower power? Whatever, I feel so addicted to these pastel colours. They make me remember my childhood, with sweet skirts, lolipops, and of course pink colour! Innocent childhood, innocent moments! Maybe some times we need to be childish, and the other time we need to be responsible in what we have to do. What a change, but it is ok! About this look, this skirt is going to be one of my favourite items at summertime, I already adore it, I adore even more the happy and sexy breeze it contains.. Also, the photoshooting was absolutely random, successful and differently awesome though.. I always like different things, and especially when you can try and taste new things. Every day I feel even more addicted to photography, I believe it is a great hobby we should all try,, What is your opnion about this look or about this photography my sweet PA taken? Please, feel free to scribble your thoughts and follow me.. Have a nice and creative weekend 

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