Saturday, 28 April 2012

Show me another aspect of you

Saturday is my favourite day. This Saturday we decided to take our bicycles, and bike some kilometres in order to keep fit. It was difficult enough, but much more interesting I was thinking about it. I adored the whole route, the sea, the trees. I felt summer breeze, I felt so free like a bird, without problems, without thoughts. Ach remarkable moments!! Pa liked it also, as he wants to try it again. After 10 kmtrs, I felt exhausted, but I need to feel again with that way, like you conquer the world, so thrilled and excited about it. About these pictures, I love the first one, it is PA's idea, different, and interesting. The second is about me and PA, after a break we needed to do. AND our bicycles! Have a nice weekend. Don't forget to love yourselves and keep your body fit.

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