Friday, 11 May 2012

Midriff top

LOVE at the first sight. I am in love with these tops, they are so unique and sexy, absolutely must-wear items. I am searching for tops like these, but cannot find, so frustrating.. I NEED to find and wear them so bad.. Especially I like the way you can wear a top like this..
I like the way Dolce & Gabbana combined this midriff top.. It is needed a belt, and long earrings.. I like and  adore the Italian and Sicelian breeze, so sensual!! Timemachine!! Crossing my fingers in order to discover a midriff top I really like, otherwise I should go to a woman to make one as I want and dream it.. Somehow I am feeling this post is going to continue, or I am going to enrich it with new garments, or new ways how to wear them.. Have a nice weekend!!


  1. True! love at first sight! adore them! and de d&g one, ahhh, no words. I bought a similar one at asos and hope to use it soon!!
    thanks for your seet comment too.
    xoxo from

    1. WOW!!! It's been a long time since I want to purchase a top like this.. So glad you like it!! Looking forward to seeing you wear that top from Asos, really curius about how it is and the way you will ensemble it!! Kisses!!

  2. to agapaw ki egw! pada ithela ena!

  3. I NEED one of these tops ASAP! Perfect with a high waist skirt!!

  4. love them too!!
    kisses sweetie!