Saturday, 24 March 2012

Beach girl

What a sunny day! It is perfect for a nice photoshooting near to beach! So I asked a friend of mine called Dimitra for taking some pictures.. It was interesting enough, cause it was our first time trying to take some pictures. It was a bit awkard and difficult to feel free and release myself, but she was so friendly and funny that helped me enough follow her instructions and her beautiful ideas! Thank you so much honey, I hope to cooperate each other again soon. Promise!! About this look, i decided to wear a lace top, which I find it very sweet and romantic, and a little black skirt, without tights.. This look contains some of my favourite stuff of my closet! An interesting detail was the headband.. What is your opinion about this look? I would be glad enough seeing your opinions.. So feel free to scribble your thoughts..


  1. My thoughts...
    Love it, love it, love it !! I mean what else can i say for you are so damn amazingly gorgeous honey ! Keep up with that remebering that it's the model who makes the photo look perfect, not the photografer !! :*

  2. Wow what an honour!! You make me blush honey.. You are so sweet, and your words are making my heart smile.. Thank you, thank you for being here and letting me see your opinions abou this look (I am pretty sure you know more than you tell me about this look) Cheers honey!!

  3. I love your blog too!

    Definitely I think we have similar styles. I love yours

    I'm your new follower here ;)

    Kisses from Spain